Promise land.


Tricked me of a promise land,

And foolish I, I took your hand,

They laugh and cradle over me,

As I stay inside for week,

Embarrassed ashamed and frozen.

People they ask me what I’m doing,

If I have moved on,

Because now your gone,

And that’s something I am supposed to be doing,

People think I dont act like I dont realise that it’s been some time,

I dont really want to care anymore, but I care about the hurt.


Your love was trauma, I’m brave enough to call out bad behaviour,

I’m not even saying half the truth,

when someone like you leaves the guilty runs.

Maybe you wish you hadnt of met me,

But you shoved my brain with your emotional pain,

You offloaded mentally bruised me internally,

I’m more sick than when you first came.

Now listen here,

That’s not fair, you still get the friends, the job, the car, your free.

People gave enough shit to check up on you. Me? No.

You pursued your life into my eyes, you transferred your pain into my life,

Now that’s going to take some time… and even if somehow, I even have the courage to share this now,

it wont be when I have written it first hand, reeling from your promise land.

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