The first visitor

The first visitor was a visitor in a white summers dress, brown hair, golden eyes. Clark’s sandals. Brief case. Whiteboard.

My dad set room in the middle room for me to meet with her. I was 9 maybe 8. Not sure my age never really seems to fit in so many scenarios.

She was strange, I didnt really want her I wanted to see my mum. My mum had been gone for days. Noone would explain to me what was wrong with mum. I was a very stressed and confused child.

I remeber Miss Vine my high school tutor saying in a parents evening that I was a terribly shy child when I attended in year 7 but seemed to be much more confident. That always stuck with me.

I wish comments and events didnt always stick with me. But I want to use them now as a way to communicate with people incase they ever have or do experience similar things.

Words are worth sharing even if it gets it off your head.

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