Back to normal.

I moved the bed over to the other side

When you left

I couldn’t bare to get back in


I turned it back after 3 month wait

How stupid am I to wait

I laid in the spot where youd always take

Just to make sure if it was all a mistake

I’m certain that things didnt have to be this way

But it’s ok.

So much shit I need to get rid

Bin bags in the hall and broken cardboard from when I first moved

After all, I’ve only been here 6 months

People expect a palace

People expect me to be fine and polished

I’ve always thought about normality

But that’s always been quite out of reach

The seats

I’ve sat in and watched the roles play

I was hoping they’d reverse one day

People look at me then you

People assume.

But it’s ok.

I thought I’d fall in love and celebrate

I’d seen my friend do it and it seemed like fate

But things always had to get complicated

Clash of directions I hope you make it

I wasnt asking for a wedding ring

Because that isnt really quite my thing

But people assume that’s what I want these days

And I cant even be arsed these days

To make the bed and lay,

But it’s ok.

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