Baby Jam – my message to Hull Uni

I want to get educated But how can I learn when I am hungry? 

I’m hungry?

I cant think,

My heads foggy,

And I look over the kitchen sink…

And the pots stink, 

Because the boilers been on the fucking blink, 

Why cant the uni provide?

Somewhere safe so I can feel inside? 

Somewhere to eat,

I keep having to put this food down, 

Because I cant justify spending 5 pounds on a toastie.

Why does the price of food have to be so mean? 

And I’m not even keen on thier jacket potatoes? 

And the chips they over cook them, they make my toes curl!

But still why does it have to be so expensive?

When all I want is to be educated! Is this student life becoming more of a dream? 

Will it even be possible to get through it and be graduated?

I suppose I will have to let you know if I make it. 

You could say make a pack lunch and take it! 

But I still think that the uni should provide food that is cheap.

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