Your the…

Your the sun the ocean floor,

Your the light at the end of the tunnel,

Your my future my past my struggle,

Your the rain the hail the snow,

Your the scorching blizzard Thunder lightening storms,

Your the ground the plants surround,

Your the one, the one I’ve found.

Your my shine my cover, your the sea when rolling in,

Making me complete,

Your the patience when days are wearing thin,

Your the comfort to my anxiety,

Your the replacement of caffeinated tea,

Your the holiday I never booked,

The extra mile! The extra Buck!

Your the stars in summer,

Your the beauty spot mark!

My 4 leaf clover.

The Crystal’s diamonds gold and silver,

Your the just eat meal that arrives on time,

Your the vodka to my wine,

Your the blanket when I’m cold,

Your the text when I’m alone,

Your the one the one I’ve found.

But why does it hurt, when your around?


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