Nearly 2 years ago the family was illegally evicted from Hotham Road Hull, landlord had a live wire in the garden whilst the children was off during the summer holidays. During that time we had a roof that leaked all over the bedroom and a collapsing fence where dogs would chew through and run into the yard.
He evicted us because we asked for appropriate repairs. It was almost Christmas, we just had a baby she was 8 weeks old, I’d just had surgery.
The council had no homes and said that we would have to stick it out until bailiffs came for us which would have been scheduled 24th December around that date from the 30 days after intial notice. We had legal rights and what the landlord did was illegal but we had no way to obtain or use our rights. (poor access to justice in the area mainly due to Conservative government taking legal aid away and no agency’s )
We was told I’d have to go into a hostel with the kids and wait but I’d lose all my belongings and Sam wouldn’t be allowed to be there for his daughter which he knew and others knew I struggled because id just gone through trauma.
We found a house in the paper that was cheap and somehow managed to bullshit out way into it by pretending we had money.
That house was bizarre and drug dealers met out side in gangs regularly.
3 houses later and finally safe from all that unstableness but won’t ever forget the greediness and heartless behaviors of some individuals at that time.

Equally I won’t forget the kindness of the individuals who found time in their hearts to be there…
Whatever way that was loading their trailer or car, bringing me clothes for the kids, attending hospital appointment and helping me with my anxiety, making me lentil dhail because I had no oven, making me a cuppa after the school run and talking at the wall, helping me get flowers for the garden, helping me get out with the kids, messaging to make sure I’m OK, messaging to see how the children are, letting me stay a night to get away from the stress, washing clothes because I had no washing machine.

It took one friend to do a little thing, made a huge difference.

I won’t forget it













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