Wind up

You wind me up on purpose

To spark a reaction

Talk about girls

Your random attractions

Obsessing over tits and arse

That’s not an attractive idea

That’s not an attractive look

And that’s not a way to get me to fuck

But you continue to act like a puppy on speed

A man with crack

Or with dope, yeah weed

Mate your addicted to the thought

You want to get your dry fingers under

But no one taught you how to love

Or how to be a good fucking lover

And you never had the chance to go down on her

You never had the chance to kiss her tits

You never had the chance to get naked…

You wind me up on purpose

And it starting to work

But your ideas of fondling

Is making me hurl

Your lack of experience of no knowledge of ovaries

Is fine and I’m starting to move on and get over it

But you wind me up on purpose and its starting to stress me out

All you do is hang out with girls

Girls, girls, girls.

Like you some kind of womaniser

Will you care who gets hurt?

Do you even care if they use you

Or have a screw lose

Or is your pure mission to get some

You win or you lose.

And it might not be the sex

It’s quite plain and it’s simple

You whisk women off on your wave

By driving them mental.