You was too late,

Your grin was already sinking,

You said,

You was too late,

Too many years ahead. And too many bad memories to start a fresh,

The age gap showed our indifference,

And you believe in the bliss of ignorance,

And the HEART ACHE bleeds like glass in my feet,

Pins in my tounge so I can’t speak,

My legs wobble like jelly, nervousness,

And I have no idea why its all still there,

You was too late,

And there is no anger,

No expression on your face,

no words from you voice,

No message from your thumbs,

You was too late,

And I keep asking God if he will send me a message send me a vibe send me some sort of something, so I know and I can move on inside, I can get back my life and get back my mind.

You was too late,

and there is nothing,

no tear rolling down,

No crumpled up postcard,

No attempt of communication,

Just a smile on your face.

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