Zombie #2

We will make it out of here, I know it but not sure where the exit is and sometime I get IBS and can’t find the toilets.

I don’t think, I’d survive in a zombie apocalypse, but I’m willing to give it a try to survive and be by your side at the end of it.

Does that clear up your question or add more complications into the mix?

But I’m sure we will make it out of here, or do you think because we’ve reached our 20s all our teenage hormones that kept us going are going?


Right, well I’m sure we will make it out of here, but I’m not sure where the exit is, and I gave up smoking so I think I’d cope with a zombie apocalypse. Is it OK now to reach over and give you a kiss, or would it be best to learn where the toilet is?


I’m sure we will make it out of this, depression isn’t getting grip, but it’s been here for awhile now, and sort of already feels I’m inside a zombie apocalypse, I see your face and makes me feel hopeful for the next day. Is that needy? Or do you think it means what I think it means? My heart keeps on racing too? But I thought it was because of the quitting, but then the doctor gave me more pain relief, but I’m still feeling pain.

I better find out where the toilets are because sometimes I need a place to hide. Not always my ibs but it’s a safe place to reflect. Yeah it doesn’t smell the best but it was the only place when I was in that hell. I think I always took to my retreat there. Is that too much information? & do you even care?

I’m sure we will make it out of this but I’m warning you now of all these thoughts. And after I’ve had chance to talk I feel like a rainbow, floaty, happy but nowhere, rainbows are fucking illusions. You know I was a kid when they burst that bubble! I wanted to find the gold, tory bastards would probably tax it though

Just tell me where the exit is I have a train to catch anyway after this, and maybe then we can talk then kiss. Or maybe it’s better to be in a zombie apocalypse, I’m not sure what I would prefer right now.

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