West Hull FM Radio

Good morning everyone sorry I haven’t been posting for awhile and some changes been going on. I miss you all and hope your all well…

last month I had the opportunity to go on to BBC No Filter ON Radio Humberside  and this weekend I was invited to talk on West Hull Radio 📻

I really enjoyed this I did feel a bit cold like but think I’m better now, I still get really nervous doing these things!

if you want to hear how I got on you can listen to me on this link : https://m.mixcloud.com/jamie-ec/jcs-saturday-morning-social-club-7th-march-2020/?fbclid=IwAR3g1Pq-RBlD_bUebBVEe9VxL58iQycvJzlOz4k09WXee8nvhejOwzhVJ_M

I think I’m half an hour in…

and I will try share on to YouTube so we have a nice journey of how my writing and life blogs are going!

I never thought that the media would like or want to hear more about me.

I also have some crazy exciting news for you all and I cant wait to share it with you.

and again I will always say this no matter what’s around the corner thank you all so much for following liking, your comments, subscribes!

I honestly think if it wasn’t t for all your support I wouldn’t have been picked up by the media!

you keep me going and thankyou for making my dreams happen ❤️

Lilyth x

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