He said fuck you on mother’s day

What’s wrong

I ache I’m tired

He’s know I’ve  anaemic problems for awhile and

He starts to shout get all annoyed

What’s wrong I ask now, I’m paranoid

Stay at mine tonight?

I don’t want to I want to be at home please thank you

What is the fucking point he asks,

I say I don’t understand?

Fuck you he says,

But I’m upset I don’t understand,

Whys he trying to raise an upper hand?

What’s wrong with me wanting to stay?

At home and relax anyway?

I can barely keep awake

He says fuck you on Mother’s Day!

Fuck you on Mother’s Day.

Maybe he wanted to fuck me on mother’s day and I don’t want to?

I’m tired.

But I don’t get it why do I have to put up with this, it’s killing me…

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