Blueberry pie.

I think of you when you have noone,

Think of you when you are on your own,

And I think of what you maybe thinking, if you may have thought about me,

at all.

I think of you and if your alright,

I worry for no apparent reason.

I think of thinking of the things that are worth thinking of,

I think of how brutal the summer was, and how brutal this summer will be,

And if anyone is there for you, caring for you,

That they think that things will be OK.

If thier thinking is as strong as my thinking,

Oh wow,

this thinking hard drive me insane,

I thought that maybe if you did think and needed someone or anything to help you whilst you was thinking that maybe this would help you,

Maybe this would help you think and make things clearer, because I loved you, dear-ly, and I know things are all up in the air, yeah they say there is a virus in the atmosphere, and I would be lying if I didn’t scream and tell you that I want to get out of here.

But I’ve been thinking of you,

Like when all thinking makes me think and thinking doesn’t really click or work in fact, I just wanted you to know that your not on your own, and how thinking of you makes me keep wanting to want to carry on and keep on thinking.

And I’m not really fond of blueberry pies, and I’ve run out of milk but I guess I’ll survive, the electric bill is going sky high, but I’ve been thinking of you.


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