My letter in the new book ‘for you’

Dear Reader,


It’s Thursday March 26th, 2020 and on Monday the UK issued ‘lock down’ for 3 weeks, which could be longer, no one really knows, because of a new strain of virus called Covid-19.


This has been the most significant global emergency since the world war.


Many people have been panic buying leaving some who are less fortunate unable to buy basic necessities.


People are scared, worried and have been told to isolate themselves and can only go outside for essentials, one walk a day, and for medicine or for emergencies.


It has been one of the most scary and tense times in our life,  people have lost jobs, education has been closed and many are losing things they have spent their life time on, it’s a very sad time at the moment and 1000s around the world have been tragically dying from this vicious virus.


I hope when I write to you again that this will all be over and we will be able to share more joy around the world once again and make sure that we can at least learn and walk away from this with more knowledge and that the NHS receives the attention and care that it needs. We can only hope for the best and I am sure that we can all be strong enough to get through this and see the other end.


People have been coming together through art and writing, with podcasts popping up and videos all over the internet. People have found a way to still keep connected despite the terrible circumstances.


I am not sure what my future holds, I have had to leave my degree and the festivals and the gigs that I was attending have all come to a halt. But in balance health and the children are the most important thing right now and this is a challenge for everyone.


I have put together poems from last summer that I was too scared to publish, you know my style by now if you have read the other books and the things I do online.


Hope to hear from you again and take care thanks to everyone who keeps coming back and supporting what I do.


…wherever you are and whatever you are doing I hope this reaches you. Remember that we are blessed by the gift of fantastic scientists that will hopefully be able to create some medicine to stop this pandemic. Stay True.


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