Its Monday..

The weekend has been a drag, last night you was helping me prepare for my uni degree, you went through my timetable. It was really sweet.

I told you a little more about the degree and you was laughing because it seemed like such a long time for you. You said that if there was any work or any reading I needed to do you, wouldn’t be annoyed, if I needed to go off and do it. You also said to me that you was happy to even help me with the work, yes it did come as a surprise no one has sat down with me before and done this.

We went though my timetable and you was really happy to see that on some Mondays I wasn’t in all day, or at all, and  that we would be able to have lunch together or do something before the school runs. I was so happy. I was finally starting back at uni, kids back at school, so much to look forward too.

Uni did come with its consequences, I didn’t eat enough couldn’t sleep enough, I had and well, I still have barely any money. I can’t buy all my books because it is taken off me, the government says my loan is income, so im pretty screwed over by the system as are many.

It was only the first week or so and I was so tired and groggy, I don’t know why it didn’t come as a surprise to you I probably picked up some bug, ‘freshers flu’.

Then everything began to fall apart, but I was happy.

We was flicking through my timetable on the Sunday and laughing, joking.

Hectic little Mondays getting the kids to school, getting to class on time and the whole week starting with no energy tiredness and exhaustion.



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