My strong friends

I’m struggling everyone is struggling no one has the answers no one knows the answers and I’m sat in my house everyday we are told we can go for a walk but then told it’s not safe to go outside so I don’t know what to do.

i’m scared I’m alone and I miss people I miss the people who cared , I felt lost and alone before all of this and now I feel even more so alone.

I keep thinking I’m back inside an old life or old event I took and fought so long to escape from, as if someone is punishing me forcing me back into a place and body I am no longer in. It’s hard to find solace and comfort when the news streams death figures on the tv and internet all day , number we are just all numbers .

and right now we are the numbers indoors , I mean what the fuck is going on?

I don’t want to sound insane but I don’t want the government to use this horrible tragic event as a way of collecting data and number why on earth are they talking about app trackers !! Surely not ?! It would be horrific if we had to tell authorities all the time who we have seen been in contact with where we have gone been. use the app money on more testing !

One thought on “My strong friends

  1. I don’t really mind about the snooping government Lilyth – we need to tackle this virus on a national scale, even though I hate them I’d be prepared to submit on this issue. I don’t think they can source the test kits at the moment, I don’t know if that’s a money issue or what. I have little to no faith in them, but we just have to put up with them for now. Do take care – if I had my way, this government would be out ASAP!

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