It’s a race against time,
And you don’t want to wait.
You climb on top of me,
And eyes dilate.

You kiss me like it’s supposed to be,
And you act as though it’s love.
Then wake to start it all again,
This bitter dangerous love.
Like rope we split with hairy edges,
Almost breaking into two.

I scream as baby kicks my guts,
Now eyes and cervix dilate,
And the child is almost near.
And circles and circles we go around,
Back to both our eyes,
They dilate. At the fear of what will become of our fate, a tiny bundle.

Why was no one happy? As if disgraced the whole world turns black once again, I move and shift into another place and meet someone else’s eyes that dilate.

Then it starts again and eyes dilate
And I go back to bed with you…

Then drinks go down the hatch into our stomachs, and out the back you smoke your cigerettes, different eyes meet mine, not the same man from the first time around, gifted words carry me away, and actions I should have been watching.

And still I don’t forgive others whos sour attitudes towards the miricles of life and I hate myself for not paying attention to the timeless episodes of friends, I should have learned what friends really where, except I was isolated and I couldn’t hide or carry my black world with the bodged up bits of my life that people didn’t want to spend time, to pick apart and puzzle around with, I thought that’s what people did , eyes dilate to the sound.

It’s a race against time and baby kicks my ribs inside.

Will you wait for me to close this chapter, end this game, go back inside and defeat the feelings that rise, every time I meet new eyes, and eyes dilate to open hearts and fall in love, there is no falling in love, until the dark world is closed.

Eyes close.

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