Selling the big issue outside Sainsbury’s on Newland Avenue


the mornings are cold,

take my child to school,

drop her off,

shoes still on,

least that’s a chore that I didn’t have to worry about.


Its cold,

The hostel’s cold,

the streets are cold,

taking the dog with me,

at least he still has a lead, one less thing I didn’t need to worry about.


Everyone driving on their way,

to their ordinary jobs in the day,

and I sit and stand outside for all,

and now this is me and my life,

selling the ‘Big Issue’ outside Sainsbury’s on Newland avenue.


“Big issue please?

Big issue please?

The Big Issue”


people walk past,

look onto the ground,

mobile phones in hand,

cans, fag tabs, all around,


“Big issue? , the big issue please, the big issue?”

its cold, im cold and everyone ignores me,

they look at me like im a junkie,

I have a child that’s almost 16,

I couldn’t find a job,

this was the next best thing,

I have a life,

I have dreams,

I was once a women who working for a big corporation,

I was once a lecturer teaching people about business and money,

ironic you may think,

but your life could change in just one blink,

I was once you, I was once someone with a day planned, and things to do,

and I stand outside this shop,

you think there’s a problem with me?

well there’s a problem with you,

and I think this divide,

is the big fuckin’ issue.




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