A rescue mission, from myself.

booted out the car door,

not the first incident,

where else was I to go,

I had a plan to do,

I had words to say,

before your life would be taken out of mine again,

I walked right across town,

through crowds and crowds,

and when I finally made it,

I bottled it up,

I walked around in circles,

till the rain began to fall,

and I didn’t know what else to do,

I called the only person I could trust,

to save me from the mission against myself.


then I saw your hair,

I saw you stood there,

in the window ,

chucking a spliff into the the quiet street,

it was my chance, and I shouted,

I told you all that was on my mind and you thought I was absolutely crazy,

didn’t you see the hair cut, I told you I changed and,

your eyes where as bright as there where when we first met,

but your face looked as dark as an old man you hadn’t seen yet,

you was surprised, to see that my heart it did wander,

and I was in two minds if I should have yelled at your window.


yeah you was a joke, you think I didn’t see that,

all the puff and smoke made you a bad man, sad man, fake,

I wasn’t holding hope,

but I was hoping it was fate.

and even after all I said you walked off back into your flat,

and I was sitting in the rain,

I caught I real bad cold after that.


It wasn’t you that rescued me, and it wasn’t the unknown answers you couldn’t give,

it was her she turned up in her car,  a rescue mission, from myself.

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