He makes a good f*cking hot chocolate,

My heart was breaking,

I almost collapsed from all the crying,

My diet was fading,

He made sure I didn’t waste away.

He always boasted about how he was kind,

He was one of them guys who wouldn’t leave you behind, 

and I tried to be there as much as I could when he needed my time.


Pushed to the kitchen side,

with a smile,

nothing bad,

just a hot drink, from the heart.


I guess he was right,

he made a good f*cking hot chocolate,

and at night,

he would drop me a text to make sure im alright.

Make sure I didn’t feel completely alone.


I ran away in my studies,

I didn’t want to discuss what had happend,

with anyone.

to me, to the world, it would be better if I was gone.


That’s fine,

I would never argue that his hot chocolates are better than mine,

I got limescale,

from all the teas and coffees,

I’d been sipping and pouring before the record got boring.


My heart was breaking,

diet fading,

he kept trying to give me hope, something to believe in.

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