Blurry Vision aka anxious 5/10/19

So here it is,

my blurry vision,

fresh of the breakfast table,

its not my nutrition


not my eyesight, that’s fine

there’s  nothing wrong with my eyes,

it’s the fuzzy blurry scary

light headed

over whelming feeling,

inside my body,

time after time.

Shopping centre panic and over filled buses, doctors surgery waiting room, and anticipating your health months before being seen,

am I wearing enough or too much?

is my hair OK of not good enough?

did I sound just right? or too abrupt?

its booking a ticket and cancelling because your too frighten to travel after a certain time,

because you find it harder to trust after all the mistrust you have already felt,

its feeling like everything is enormous,

that every effort made is not enough.

blurry vision,

the blurriness that follows you fresh off the breakfast table through until dinner does it calm?

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