23 December 2017

Urgent – due to young family with 10 week old and 3 and 7 year old being illegally evicted due to asking for repairs in the garden for a live wire , this family will be evicted by Christmas if they can’t find anything, the council will assist once the family has been asked to leave by enforcement officers hired by their landlord which will be around Christmas and New Year’s Day . The council still don’t have any accommodation the mother and the children will have to go into a hostel if unable to stay with family and the partner will have to go into separate place, as it’s women and children only. The mother has had emergency surgery 5 weeks prior and is unfit to care for the children on her own so ideally accommodation within the private sector would help, yet they understand that benefit support is not what many private places are agreeable to do.

Wanted 475 500 pcm

3 bed home 2018


Bricknell area

Hu5 area

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