I’m a loner in a Hull Uni Library and everyone is wishing people good luck and I wish I had friends coming up to me and saying the same, I almost forgot I was a loner.

two overheard convos :

Hey how are you doing?

Yeah im ok how are you?

You got work to do then?

Yeah I’m revising exam tomorrow

Haha really?

Yeah last minute revision

Ah right well …

To be honest I’m not feeling to good about it

Oh why?

Well I was working on a 1st in the second year now I’m looking at a 2:1

Well I wouldn’t worry too much you can match it up with course work


Yeah totally I’ve know people get less than 40 in exams and they’ve passed because of course work so I wouldn’t worry too much about it

Oh fair

Well good luck on your exam tomorrow

Yeah cheers



Hi just revising for an exam tomorrow

Oh no way haha

Yeah …

Oh right well you’ll be ok?

I hope

How was Christmas ?

Yeah not to bad you ?

Well I’m working at Costa and they’ve put the wage to minimum

What ? Why?

Well I’m not sure actually it was a good wage before Christmas and then they dropped it. I don’t like the attitudees there to be honest

Oh right

Yeah anyway good luck tomorrow



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