when i was born

When I was born my Grandad made a certificate for me, almost a letter, to keep, and it always gets me emotional! ~

A gift to bobbin; that’s your name for now, maybe for good, not sure (anyway, nice ‘nickname’ for you)

As a Thursday’s child you have far to go, which is good to know, as the further one goes, the more is known.

From your mum, you will have good looks and art of mind.

From you dad, you will have good enlightenment of life, together with a little bit more art of mind.

yes you get that, twice. Now that’s a good start to life

One day when you can read these words, you may understand more, but remember, if you can try to rule life, not let it rule you. Not an easy thing to do, but it can be done, others have!

From Grandad (now that seems wrong to I, but its right now!)

Aged 48 1/2, I think more, sometimes less.

P.s There is also parts of me within you, so look after that, and yourself, have a good long life on Planet Earth.

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