Is it the grass seed that breaks through the soil that brightens up the park?

Is it the leaves that fall with no question at all on to the land?

Or the Magnetic feeling when your healing ?

The ivy that weaves it’s way around the drainpipes?

Ivy, that never leaves it’s always there, but this one year you notice it a little more,

The ivy that grandma screams at and rips to pieces every time and says

“It belongs to them and it should be in their garden”,

People rejoice and things all settle back down,

Right now it’s a racket,

But the ivy is green it’s strong and it can weave around the drain pipes,

Poke through fences weak or strong,

It can even break through bricks,

I never understood people’s problems with ivy it’s beautiful,

Makes an abandoned derelict building that’s been left neglected for so long, seem loveable.

But it’s sneaky, it can cause more crumbles,

Is it the ivy that breaks through the wall that brightens up the home?

Is it the broken pieces of bricks that collapse with no question at all on to the land?

Or the round bruise that spreads up your arm, Or the ivy that weaves around the drainpipe?

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