better now

Better now


Are you better now?

Do you feel good about it,

I’m happy you could live without me,

What sort of man does such a foolish move,

Why would you want to use me,

All this time you said you’d choose me,

Oh how I wish the pain didn’t hurt as it did back then, again . Again. Again. Again.

But I’ve grown a bigger heart,

And it’s held me down,

And it was so easy for you,

To make me feel as if you didn’t do anything wrong,

You picked you nails, bit your lip, as if you never did anything,

But you did everything,

I can’t even imagine the amount of nights I prayed for your arms,

If only I knew you was leading me to more harm ,

You used me and my heart,

Because I’m youthful,

And now I see devils in the dark aren’t truthful ,

Did you get a kick out of hurting me,

Was it useful?

As you lay in bed with someone who isn’t me,

Is she beautiful?

Are you glad we got to meet?

Because I regret letting you back in, yet I believed you was a dream I didn’t dream and now I see it was too good to be.


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