The council didn’t want me

Neither did the avenues

but I had to live somewhere

so I had to impose

I thought of a plan

I stuck with it at last

and I managed to get us a house with no grass

no sweeter no greener

and not even that much cleaner but I tried.

The council wouldn’t home us

and the benefit system designed

in a way where if you privately rent

you cant afford the price,

forget living somewhere with a functional bathroom, that dreams too nice,

and the council wont have you unless your put on the street

and that seems like a very bad place to be with 3 children and me,

so the council wouldn’t have me and neither the avenues

the neighbours bake bread and make home made stews

whilst my face is on the news,

benefits mum

they hound down they crunch down on

benefits mum

they wont see whats going on, till im gone.

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