His arms

His arms wont save you,

his eyes wont save you,

His calming charm and words of calm

wont save you.

Its fake, and he made a mistake, he didnt partake in a plan,

He just left you behind,

and thats unkind.

Stop thinking he is the only,

learn that you only want him when your lonely,

maybe one day he could save you,

but that day wont be any time soon.


Let him get on with screwing,

some other woman and family,

accept the pain and feel it proudly,

im sorry, you deserved someone who would fight for your love,

be there for your love,

reach out for your love.


(but he did reach out,

Up against the wall,

he held my face and kiss me,

he reached out and held my hand he came back,

he kept fighting,

he kept coming,

and now its just all in the ruin)


You can’t control the things he does,

You can’t control the things he did,

You wont pretend what happend,

but im telling you,

His arms wont save you,

his calming charm of words of calm,

wont save you.

His smile wont save you,

His love wont save you,

He is just a fictional person in your memory now,

You will get there one day and you will know how,

Dont think about if he will talk again,

Because you dont want to know,

He didnt want to know for so long,

So its unlikely he will,

He wont save you, you have to let go.


(But he messaged me like not other,

he put my face on his phone screen cover,

He bought a mattress and he bought bedding,

all around the house he walked in,

he was about to about to sort the chaos and he left,

I feel so distressed like I have nothing left,

No one to talk to, I could do with him.

His body still feels like its around my body in the kitchen,

the yard I look over and hes still sat there too,

everywhere I go there are reminders,

I want to move out and hide them ,

I just want to run away,

if I cant escape the next best thing is tooo… )

He wont save you,

His eyes wont save you,

His charm wont save you,


You need to put it down and let it go,

stop thinking about things youll never know,

Stop holding out for hope,

Let go of the flicker, the light,

dont open it back up for a man who cant stand,

or fight for your love.




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