A lesson in life 19/02/19

There are many lessons in life,


It depends where you would like me to start my dear.

1. Fear

Lesson that fear is not the be all or end all

Fear could be a cuddly teddy or a crocodile

Don’t let it put your life on trial

2. Sadness

It’s ok to go through a lonely spell

It can leave you tired aswel

Depression is the auntie of sadness

Makes you feel like you are anxious

Time will pass and put you at ease

Time will place you on your feet

3. Happiness

Beam a smile for me please

A yellow grin or show some teeth

Happiness is more than just a treat

Makes your whole life feel complete

4. Guilt

Guilt is not a welcoming emotion

But it helps place out lives in motion

Guilt helps us feel sympathy

But sometimes guilt is an unwelcoming defeat.

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