No Psychologist 01/03/19

You’ve never been loved

never felt a real touch

or a real women show you her true emotions

never felt like you was entirely intact

lacked comfort in the bedroom

spinning head in the world of day

anxiety you seem to think is foreign to a man

hand shakes give it away

and the shallow echo of pacing footsteps circulating in the small space of the four walls you’ve landed in

there is nothing wrong with you.

No psychologist could diagnose you with anything different than what I already see

a see a man slightly broken

but underneath

secrets you wont tell


I don’t need to know.





3 thoughts on “No Psychologist 01/03/19

    1. I’m not sure I think the knowing there’s secrets can sometimes mean it’s better not to know for your own sakes and also to respect the person hiding them. Sometimes it can be ok to not know everything ? 🙂 xx

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