wake up

Even if I wake up,

on the right side.

I feel like I am awake

in the wrong life.

I cant get my head around simple,


does that mean that I am not worth a thing?

I’m tired of fighting and I got no energy,

but I keep trying,

what can, so it doesn’t get the best of me,

but sometimes its hard to wake up fully,

even if I appear awake that doesn’t really mean

I am completely here.

Or am I?


See im not really a bitch for crying

but I cry.

and I’m not here to step on your feet or destroy your life

or am I?

I got 2 quid in my purse will that be enough?

how much does it cost to pay peoples trust?

am I awake ?

am I awake?

because I dont really feel with it,

I think,

I will be able to make it out this bit.

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