She was just a girl, with the weight of the world, with the key to the castle and the haunted mansion,

can you guess which door she unlocked?

can you guess which place she went?

can you guess what took her breath?

she was just a girl,

with the weight of the world,

and all she ever wanted and all she ever deserved was, love.

The haunted mansion seemed, like it would be enough,

the cobwebs in the corner just looked like paper shapes and paper hearts,

distorted eyes always helped her create internal happiness,

the creaks and cracks all symbols of hidden chorus she never sang,

on stairs and in corridors broken artefacts of  peoples issues she could never relate to.

but when your in a haunted mansion, whats a girl to do?

the rats weren’t all that bad,

no dress building mice like Cinderella,

a Gothic palace of distant passion,

she knew it could work out just as well,

picked up the broom and dusted the walls,

down came the past and heart break hell.

a lick of paint,

a dash of hope,

soon enough it became clear,

on the outside people would not dare enter,

but after years of practice and consideration,

the interior golden, and a new home to her.

and the castle across the way,

inside it began to decay, but on the outside, everyone wanted to go in.


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