I liked you fat.

I liked you fat

so what you think about that ?

you was a kind heart 

you saw what it was like

and you watched him abandon me

you stuck by the baby

and you held it. that’s right,

you smiled at me and didn’t fake it

you saw the damage that was going on and did fucking nothing

and guess what I liked you fat !

went off and took them drugs

wasted your future because you wanted to get fucked

then you watched from a distance a friend you knew

get treat, like shit I think you knew.

and you cant act like you wasn’t apart of the whole thing that was falling apart around my eyes

I was at home and I wanted to die.

and you was busy chasing your looks

getting high and taking drugs

going out and getting some

all because you thought it was fun

and its worrying from the outside,

that one day you’ll go too far, and I dont think you noticed the people who loved you for who



and I cant let you know that you know, I was happy

when I saw you after all that happend,

you was good to

us, well to me.

and I cant even thank you,

because you are too busy still taking drugs, and caring more about your looks.


guess what,

I liked you fat.



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