You knocked on my door and said, ‘Let me introduce you to Jack’,

we all know him,


the week before he wanted to get into my pants,

and then he fled the scene, because I wasn’t too keen,

its fine he’d never make me scream.

He was alright,

got his heart broken over someone that was named after a pet,

he was never the same after that,

used to be hopeful and you know he was the kind of guy that was level headed, but for some reason he just wanted to get me into bed, its fine we never, and its a shame because all I ever wanted was some decent friends, and he was cool we, would listen to tunes and chill out, we smoked some polish cigs once, and he seemed pretty chilled relaxed, in fact. You never needed to introduce him, strange he never mentioned me, dont you think I mean did he think I was a freak or something?  because I already knew,

think I should have told you, should I ?

I mean you was never really the protective type, so does it even matter?


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