Dear poetry

I know things change all the time and I know that things are sometimes awful and sometimes they are amazing and sometimes they’re are things you wish you never had to go through. Finding the strength to be yourself is so hard and sometimes being put in situations you don’t know what to do and it makes you feel helpless makes me feel absolutely horrible. It’s a horrible feeling a horrible day for me. I know that this feeling will pass eventually.
Dear poetry, you gave me a shield when no one was there holding, you provided me comfort and you organised my thoughts and Past my pain when no one else was listening. You have given me much hope and comfort and even if there is nothing I can do you have been able to be there for me. Poetry you are a skill I didn’t look after and I wish I paid more attention to you, and I wish I didn’t believe all the teachers shitty comments about how I’m not good enough writer.

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