I know you shine through the gap in the living room curtains

and I know you’re disappointed

but dude, please

why didn’t you ever say

that the things you did and why didn’t you ever tell me?



I have to deal with this shit over and over, and your not even here,

its all a bit backwards I must admit but seriously, did you mean it?

I wish there was a way for you to return and fix the shit you left behind,

that seems like a big wish, right?



I have to deal with this again and I was getting used to having space inside my head,

and its a bit much really when you had the chance, you could have told me,

I know that no one is perfect please dont be ashamed,

and I dont think it be fair to give you all the blame.



I have to find a way around this and make sure that things dont get misplaced, you meant a lot and like a dad to me you stood by me when the world heckled benefits mum and treated me like fucking scum,

You was there for me, you cared for me and that something I wont forget,

but your grandsons and daughters, will never get it around their heads.

I just hope they can heal and find peace.

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