You was

You was supposed to show me the way



You lead me astray

I wanted your freedom

Now I’m in a cage

You trapped me

I’m weakened

Lovers curse won’t go away

For normality I thought it was

Took advantage of my trust

A bit of passion, lust

You tangled me up

Over pushed

I saw the anger in your eyes

I covered it up with lies

Should I run and hide?

Or tell you you’ve crossed the line

You aren’t the same and nor am I

You stole my youth

You stole my youth

Stuck behind doors with your abuse

Can’t talk friends or see family

Can’t go out to parties

I know it’s mostly mentally hurtful

You did attack me by the handful,

I now see guilt and regret but it’s too late

A child is here and I will protect her

From any fear I once witnessed

Now I should feel free and happier

My life is non of your business





Get out my head and out my throat.

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