missed (human contact)

I missed your warmth around me

the skin on skin contact

that connection that makes you feel complete

I missed it when our eyes would meet

I missed your careless observations of the world

when you said you didn’t want any other girl

your lingering feeling

like your soul within me

I miss us being as one

I missed this, I missed.

I missed the bus to work and I forgot about feeding the cat,

The fucking electric bill I missed out on that,

I miss the calm, the sail for the wind,

now I’m just a boat that’s falling downstream,

I miss the simplicity,

wanting to stay in love for eternity,

The fact that nothing stays true,

nothing stays real,

I missed being able to stay in contact with you.

I missed the deadline,

now my boss is whining all the time,

I missed the line and didn’t get a chance to eat at lunchtime,

I missed merging my vision of reality,

because I lost touch with all that was in front of me,

children, I missed out on caring,

and every parent-teacher invite too busy to return,

stuck in a work meeting,

I missed this, I miss.

I missed being able to enjoy life,

the little things like when the neighbour gives a fuck and takes out your wheely bin, 

compassion, I miss the smiles when you’re jam-packed in Heron,

all the friends that have walked out on me and left me drunken in the street,


being a child,

what does that even mean?

constantly worrying where my parents might be?

teaching me about domestics, hectic, I won’t forget it.

Your warmth around me, the skin on skin contact,

when you’ve had a shit day and you’re sick of peoples comebacks,

general connections with people that make you feel complete.

I missed it when our eyes would meet.


Compassion, nobody gives a shit.


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