You got the memo

About the plans to change

But really I don’t want too much input

I liked you that way

It seems such a shame we get lost in translation

Theres not really much to keep us close and

Things keep going in that direction

Your bad attitude rubs off on me frequent

But I know that it is you that loves me the most

You got the memo.


There’s not really a problem

A problem to you

Sometimes it would be nice to have some kind of recognition

My pain might not be the same as what you’ve lived through

You got the memo about the cat and the dog

But you always seem to forget the milk

I don’t mean to always bring out faults

I’ve been programmed to ask for the best from everyone

Expectations aren’t always what you want

And I’ve never really liked the word c*nt

Hopefully one day things will go

But for now I know you got the memo.

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