Lumpy throat

Is there a lump in your throat?

when you feel them guilty things?

were you guessing id leave a suicide note just so I could clear some things? 

Guilty names stuck in my brain A B and C of the men that have harmed me

Like some game to you

a passing comment

People think I deserve what I get

Now I just can’t get physical

Hands feel like bruises

and I’m not saying I have peach skin

I’m just so tired of losing

If I’m honest I’m lost

with little direction

tired of social media

and so-called perfection

People hate my poems unless them rhyme

and I’m tired of doing what people want all the time

how about you haters all fuck off

stop sipping your tea and discussing me

when you know nothing about it

even the ones who get close

they ask about the ghosts

gee, what’s that all about?

I better get my backpack

because I’m hiking

and I’m not saying Id do it

but it keeps sending me the invite

it’s mad

almost like once a month

I’ve never been so popular


popular kids were bullies

they’d have me jump in a heartbeat

I’m surprised I’m still here

after all the kids could’ve killed me

and finally, is there a lump in your throat when I’m speaking?





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