Why have a kid then?

Why say on that day you were happy and could never wish it away?

we found out we were having a baby boy and you jumped around with tears of joy? 

Fucking hell what’s wrong with you?

You are not the man I thought I knew

Now you have your woman wrapped around your finger and she’s clinging on like a tiny splinter

Does she know about your sister? the shit she did for you when you fell into debt and misuse,

and you turned your back on so many people who poured their heart and now there’s a little boy out here with your eyes and smile

deep down I know you know you were wrong

and you make out like I stopped you seeing your son !!

and you’re wrong and they are wrong

you got your head stuck inside your bong

you had your hands down other women thongs

and  now you make out like I’m the evil one

but in actual fact, I was fucking torn

I was sick from multiple infections and all you could give me was your rejection

now a child will live a life of smiles

but not knowing half of himself

I will have to keep reminding him

that even without your love

that he will always be enough

You left a job twice as hard

and you can’t even be fucking arsed

to make sure that your son

has clothes on his back and food in his gut

and that’s really low, that you can treat people with such disrespect

so I ask

why have a kid then?



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