Broken mansion

You people in your big mansion homes

Large estate cars

In windows no reflection

As an outsider I glare

No takeaway menues

No leaflets please

And gates you build up

So no one can get in

Symmetrical windows

Symmetrical cats

You don’t give away new furniture

Because to you it is tat

Empathy lost and sympathy gone

You don’t chop you’re own bushes

Take out your own bin

Take salvage in wine dining

Fine catering

Book tables in restaurants

Because common cafes are sin

You got no cracked tiles in your kitchen

Damp crawling up your walls

And as a landlord

You don’t care

If I died on your floors.

You complain about your appearance

Complain about your life

You complain about your status

You cheat on your wife

I don’t owe you nothing


I don’t owe you shit

But when the day starts coming

I have to pay rent

People tell me that’s life

People say when your an adult

People say it’s tough luck

People say I should shut it

People say grow up.

You people in your large mansion houses

Like 3 story hotels

You don’t care about people

don’t care if they’re well

You want money

You lust wealth

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