Guess what Tom you’re a fraud

Guess what Tom you’re a fraud

Always scared if daddy knew

You might like boys I’m sorry it’s true

You tried to act all gangster but you never made the cut

and people still talk about you

but not in the ways you hoped

and you used me for sex you tried your best over and over again just to get me into bed

and twice I had to tell you no and now you hide in your brand new home

with your fake relationship, honestly, I couldn’t give a shit

but Tom

You deserve a mention in all of this

the destruction you caused me and here is the list

Your breath as well it would always stink

You’re a bully a fraud and manipulative

and now thanks to you I never know if a guy’s intentions are true, especially if they ever say the words ‘I LOVE YOU’

and at school, you would view girls as an object

and as a man, you haven’t changed one bit.

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