Dear ****

I know you wont ever want to talk to me again. I dont know what I have done, I dont understand why you went funny on me. I dont know why you hate me. The scariest thing is I’ve been here before ****,***, ***.

I know I meant something, i’m sure unless its unfair to put you all in the same group. But even my own dad, abandoned me. I thought we had a better connection. That’s what confuses me so much that you shit on me so bad, left me in the dark. I keep hoping to myself that you will turn up, or something nice will happen. A surprise. I really need a surprise right now. I need some good news. I need love and care and affection ( not sex ) I need that understanding that we had.

I miss everything. the talking, laughing, your eyes. I really miss you, and its horrible. I hate the missing part, its always for the wrong reasons.


I’m sorry to myself, to everyone. Everything. and I wish I could reverse time. I’ve been here already and I hate that I’m back here again

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