Lady Penelope

Lady penelope

was a bright lady

but she was sick of peoples messed up realities

sick of peoples attitudes

completely sick of everything.

She no longer stayed a lady, she set her corset in flames, she danced naked in the rain,

she swore at the gods and laughed at the pews

she drank all the wine and tried all the booze

Lady Penelope

She untied her bun

she told the world the world to fuck off

she told that man to do one

She was weak

She was strong

She was caught up in all kinds of wrongs

She was hopeless she was kind,

She was always left behind.

She got the gun shot it twice

her brain flew out along the ice

Lady Penelope Lady Penelope Lady Penelope

a straight stood up lady

always on time always rhymed

She charcoaled her name on peoples door frames

She swore down to her family

and her body rose gradually

her brain went back inside and she reassembled her eyes

and in time

in time

She didnt mind

that people weren’t kind

She stopped giving her trust

stopped giving her love

Stopped throwing it up

the need to feel good.

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