‘Sober’, out now, keep a lookout for the next lot of giveaways

August 2020

Dear reader, 

The last few months have been testing, not just for me but for the whole country. 

They opened up the pubs and they’ve opened up the parks again to the public. Kids sneaking about having house parties and apparently increasing the infection rates. Schools are reopening and people have been doing open-air events. 

It’s not the same world that it was at the start of the year. It’s still not a good quality of life for so many, there are people in care homes are still unable to see some family members and many health care workers not being paid enough to make ends meet. 

I got a taste of the ocean air it was just for a split second, but it felt like heaven, I feel so much freedom when I visit the sea. 

I was able to see a friend I made through poetry events, it worries me that that might be last time for a long while now events arent happening. 

I made a couple of prayers when I was at the seaside mainly thinking about my late grandad and the horrible memories I had when I was in the hospital, it was horrific when he passed away and all the death in the news and the horrible events that people are going through really made me think about all his suffering and how others are coping. 

I’m not religious but I think I am a little bit spiritual. 

yeah, it’s been a difficult time and there are still many toxic people around me that cloud my judgement I lost a really good friend because well just silly thing really and I really miss her. 

Then, other people who just don’t change and want to bring drama and make life all about them, my agency called …… in Hull left me with a leaking roof for a month, excess damp. Its been one little thing after another. 

I managed to get all my uni work in which was stressful because University closed during the whole of the COVID crisis and it isn’t reopening in September but I am still determined to try if I can. 

I want to get my children out of this situation of relying on state benefits and I want a life for them. I might be putting too much on this degree but I do want to try and fight. Even if I’m finding it hard. 

Anyway, it’s been nice talking to you and I am so glad you’ve come back to read Augusts edition.

Don’t take things to heart,  be yourself. 


Lilyth x

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