Tom Part 2

When I was 17 I was taken in the back of a car with a 1 year old to a woman’s refugee because I was too frighted to go home. But when I told you Tom you didn’t seem to listen to those parts, the parts that I was struggling to cope with. Since you acted like you wanted more and wanted to be a friend. I suppose I was too young to realise that telling people the same age as me it would probably just go through their head. So in nightclubs I danced to the pain of going through giving birth at the young age of 16, being made homeless and potentially losing my GSCEs, and then the rest.

It was more than what Tom wanted to take on I mean what teenager wants to take on that kind of grief and disappointment. He wanted to get high with the rest of the others and drunk to the point he was pissing down his own pants.

Guys still seem to have this macho persona they are desperate to prove they are masculine, this is the society we are brought into and the media that tells girls and boys how and what they should be.

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