Occasionally I am angry

and that feeling I hoped would change

I felt angry as a child

and now an adult I feel the same

Occasionally im angry

im angry at the change

you left my spirit hanging

now im laying in your chains

A child thats grown from hunger

of seeing pain

inside the adults around me

I never thought I’d say it

but as a child I felt like I was drowning

I felt alone and lost

left out of things and confused

sometimes I felt ghost

in the way of your plans

I was a child and I was starving

for your hand to come and reach

to hold me till the morning

and tell me you loved me when I was weak

I was a child I was a child and I just wanted you to be there for me

but I dont blame you now

and if I can I will do the best I can for the children that I have

let them know I love them

never leave them hanging

in the balance of my behaviour

and try not to be so angry

because its not going to do me any favours.

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