Groups, events and pages keeping Hulls writing voice alive during unprecedented times

Happy national poetry day!

I hope you are keeping well! Please always feel free to drop me a message on Twitter or Insta. I also always try to respond to comments ….

I feel like I’ve been slacking lately with writing, I was thinking of starting a new blog where I try to post at least once a day but I over complicated that in my head. I’ve come under new pressures being back at university (well virtually). But this means my head is a total mess of internet information and a tick list as long as my arm. I suppose we all get a bit snowed under now and again….

Hull has been keeping really busy we have a number of groups and pages keeping writing spirits going and sharing peoples work which I just think is wonderful, so many would have just given up with live events completely halted and meet ups unable to happen. And also what is great is that even though they all want people to be involved and participate they all have different ways of doing this, YadaYada invites poets to read poetry on radio and Away with words invites poets to send work in via video clip which is then shown on the 3rd Thursday of every month, other groups such as Back to Ours, Women of Words and She productions also invite people to participate in interactive events. (Sorry if I’ve missed any)

So even though physical poetry and writing events have been halted since the spring, Hull is continuing to encourage people to keep involved and keep writing! Huge thank you to those who have been spending hours and days creating content and making it happen!

Here’s the links :

Away with Words :

YadaYada :

Women of Words :

Back to ours :

She productions :

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