Life is not a competition and not everything you do is right

Life is not a competition

But you can keep showing everyone your luxuries

Making money out of sacrifices

So long as them sacrifices mean what they mean

You’re supposed to be a guide a leader

But really you are a joke to me

How are people supposed to take you seriously

When you don’t care about their needs

When you put yourself in that position

To help people and support them on their way

Then you have to put your selfish needs last

Forget the money and the fame

And you need to accept

That not everything you do is the right thing

People all make mistakes

I’m not ashamed to admit it

I’ve not been perfect in any way.

And it bugs me the most

that you actually could have a say

Make a difference and an impact

But the fact is

You just want what you want for your self

And it’s really



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