So many men

There are so many men

That walk about these streets

Looking at women

As if they are a feast

They lounge on park benches

Put up their feet

And bus stop seats

They drink till they piss though their pants

And glance at women as they walk past with prams

They smash up display windows

Shout across the road to “FRANK”

Make you uncomfortable

Stomach churning in fact.

I feel bad for their history

I feel bad for their past

Perhaps things could have been better

Then wetting their pants

But I fear for the future

What is to come?

This is more than bad behaviour

Floors with chewing gum

This is a war

Of the angry and poor

The vulnerable all around

Being left to rot in the ground

And I hate walking about

The streets make me scared

It’s the authorities job

But they won’t make a change.

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